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Our new website is about to arrive!

Construtora Albarrã is building something special for you.

While you wait, know that we are shaping every pixel and line of code with the same care and precision that we dedicate to our construction projects. Soon, you will have at your disposal a website that reflects our passion for excellence and innovation.

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About us

Experts in property construction, rehabilitation, and renovation.

Founded in 1985, we have always focused on embodying four essential values: Integrity, Precision, Professionalism, and Quality.

We take pride in the daily contribution of a professional team with extensive accumulated experience, accustomed to working together in close collaboration.

This spirit of partnership brings our clients the assurance and guarantee that the construction team shares the common goal of delivering a serious and proud work, contributing to greater efficiency in addressing expected and unexpected situations.

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Contact Us.

Phone: (+351) 21 714 09 39

Rua António Quadros, nº9G - Escritório 4
1600-875 Lisboa

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